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How is the KRDS SAT Score calculated?

(# Likes × 1 + # Comments × 3 + # Shares × 5) × 1000 # Page Likes

The KRDS SAT Score is the weighted sum of public social actions (Likes, Shares, Comments) on the post divided by the number of Page Likes at the publication date, which is then multiplied by 1000 for legibility reasons.

Another way way to calculate the Engagement Rate would be - Numerator : Total number of actions, including all clicks - Denominator : real reach, ie. the number of people who actually saw it. But that data is not public, so our tool is one good way to measure post level engagement while relying on public data. It will help you identify the best practices of your industry. This tool innovates with its post-centric approach, contrary to existing post-centric tools out there.

The number of Page Likes used to calculate the KRDS SAT Score is not always the one publicly displayed on Facebook. When the page is a "Global Page", we take in account the number of likes of the Child Page on which the post has been published.